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Buzz Harmony Kite

Harmony Kite for performance that brings out your best skills.

Cutting upwind at speed, popping and carving smooth 'n' sweet.

Sensing, feeling, reacting - instantly

Comfort, strong support, and highly durable.

Light Wind Buzz....

$1200  masts only or $2400 for board and masts 

10.5M special is a limited time offer is only available for the next:


Which kite is best for you?

The Harmony has two bridles effectively making it two kites in one. (Each kite comes with two bridles already included in the price.)

Our PACEMAKER BRIDLE is great to learn on, for unhooked riding and as the kites sits a little further back, it is perfect for the waves.
Change to the DISRUPTOR BRIDLE, and you have a faster kite that boosts well and moves fast for kite loops, mega loops and other advanced free ride tricks.

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We all start kiting with lots of questions. This book answers them! :
 - Am I suited for this sport?
 - How fit/strong do I need to be?
 - How safe is it?
 - What's my first step?
 - What gear to buy/not buy?
 - Is it necessary to have an instructor?
 - What to look for when seeking out an instructor?
 - What are the costs involved in getting into this sport and ongoing?
 - How do I stay safe?
 - Where can I kite surf?
...and many more because it's very comprehensive.

If you have a question we haven't answered, then let us know because we will answer it for you and possibly add it into the book. 🙂