The 'Harmony'

Responsive, dependable, controlled, exciting and uplifting.

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As you can see demonstrated in the collection of videos below, the kite is stable, super easy to relaunch, quick to kite loop, has fast agile turning, excellent drift, light wind power, high wind control, and a light agile feel, float, higher jumping capacity, upwind ability, and full and smooth depower range suits riders of different styles.

This is a kite designed to do exactly what you want it to do - predictably and reliably so you feel safe to push your boundaries. Kite loops are tight, predictable and smooth.

The power is smooth on to off with a great springy feel. Because there are no pulleys on the bridle, you have a very direct connection to the kite. Control and feedback are more direct, and the kite is more responsive. For wave riding, this is excellent as you can turn off the kite power and enjoy the wave without having to fight/pull against the kite. (VIDEO: CENTRAL COAST NSW - Tom demonstrates the 135 Stinger and 12M Harmony)

Even if you've never ridden the gear before, you can jump on it and immediately feel comfortable - even in poor conditions - like this guy who's first Buzz adventure was caught on camera. (VIDEO: SUNSHINE? COAST - Brenton takes to the waves for his first ride on Buzz gear. (138 Stinger and 12M Harmony))

The max depower is excellent for learning as you have much more confidence when you can depower the kite so quickly and relaunch so easily. With complete confidence in your gear, you experience more freedom to express and enjoy yourself each time you kite. (VIDEO: SECRET SPOT - Tom hits this amazing flat water spot for a sneaky solo session on his 10.5 Harmony and 135 Stinger.)

The amount of depower you get from the Buzz kite surprises almost everyone. The Buzz bridle is designed to depower in strong winds similar to a 5th line kite but without the hassle of the extra line. The 10 point pulley-less bridle design also results in an incredibly stable kite. The 10 point bridle gives much more kite and leading edge support in strong winds than a bridle with fewer attachments points. It holds its shape in strong overpowering winds while remaining easy to control and turn. (VIDEO: A KNOTTED TAIL - Tom on a 7M Harmony, 135 Stinger in 35+ knots)

The medium aspect design gives incredible light wind ability with more canopy in the very center of the kite where lift will maximise the kite's power. A smaller kite then delivers the same power as a larger kite. (VIDEO: IN THE RAIN - Ben tries out a 12M Harmony and 135 board for the first the 8 - 15 knots..and loves it!  -see testimony)

Of course, the Buzz kite gear is all designed to work perfectly together. The board harness bar and kite work so well together, you will be like a child in a playground with endless possibilities for fun. (VIDEO: KITE SURFING AT THE PLAYGROUND - Our first day out on Buzz gear and first video ever...lots of room for video improvement but we loved the gear and were just like kids in the playground with our new toys!) 

We have 7, 9, 10.5 and 12 M sizes available in stock and other sizes available if you can wait for our next order.

Harmony Kite, kite bag and two bridles 

PRICE: $1234

for all sizes (check for any specials!)

We have 7M, 9M, 10.5M and 12M sizes available in stock now.

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If you buy gear from us and are not satisfied when you receive it or try it out, simply give us a call or email and we will sort you out with a refund or replacement provided you call within 7 days of receipt of gear and the gear is returned without damage within 14 days.

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