The 'Antennae'

Sensing, feeling, controlling, directing and exploring.

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Designed for simplicity, comfort, control, low weight, and functionality. This bar has

  • An elegant quick release system that is easy to reset
  • Below the bar swivel to untwist lines after kite loops and back rolls
  • A comfortable, durable grip
  • Integrated flotation
  • Velcro for holding the trip strap adjustment so it's not flapping around
  • A simple to lock in and release cleat for kite trimming (why muck around turning knobs and pushing buttons when it can be this simple!)
  • A short but perfect length of bar travel to allow for full depowering without the bar being too far away to reach
  • A simple flag out system
  • Easy to see marking so you know which way up the bar goes (the other side not showing in this picture has red coloured "No Buzz" writing)
  • Double ring for suicide mode setting (used for unhooked riding)
  • A low V to keep every line close to the rider (great for self-landing!)
  • Larks head attachments for the steering lines at the bar so tangled lines can be sorted out easier
  • Perfect sized chicken loop to keep the bar close to you but not too close 
  • Specs: Lines are 23M. (Shorter lines and line extensions are available as a special order). Bridle line breaking load 316 Kg, Flying line 326 Kg, Elongation at 100Kg 1.02%



If you buy gear from us and are not satisfied when you receive it or try it out, simply give us a call or email and we will sort you out with a refund or replacement provided you call within 7 days of receipt of gear and the gear is returned without damage within 14 days.


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