Become a distributor

Are you open to new opportunities and new ways of doing business where we work together for our mutual success?

We are looking for people around the world who are interested in partnering with us to build your business as we build ours.

You may be a kite shop who doesn't want to have to buy large quantities of stock and who is looking for some high-quality, well-performing, reasonably priced gear that you can sell to almost anyone who walks into your shop ... and know that they will be happy with it.

Perhaps you are a kite surfing school looking for some great kites and boards to teach on that you easily keep in stock, sell to your students and make an ongoing income from.

Perhaps you are a kiter who loves the sport and wants to help your mates get into some great kite gear whilst you make some money from the sport you love.

Perhaps you are a small business of just 1-5 people who loves to teach people to kite surf. It's tough to make a living doing that, but we would love to help you! 

You may be a distributor or business person who wants to gain an exclusive distributorship for your country.

It's a competitive industry and you will need to invest some money in some stock to get you going because we have had some "sub optimal" experiences giving stock to people on consignment.

If you have any interest in finding our more about this, please let us know by filling in the form below.

We will send you some detailed information and then call you up to have a chat..