Our Approach

As enthusiastic kiters ourselves, we appreciate how good value, high-performance equipment can make all the difference to any kiting adventure so we produce a range of high-quality equipment to meet most people’s needs.

Each of our team members kites on our gear very regularly. They are constantly looking for any opportunity to make it that little bit better. We proud to be an Australian based company focussed on serving our customers. OK so we know it’s tough to improve on what we have, but you won’t know that until you try out the Buzz Kites gear. Our team are keen to give you that experience and share their passion for Buzz Kites.

Our Story

2002 – Griffin Kites Founded by Chris Van Der Plaat. Started Designing and making kites. It was the start of a long journey of research and development. Two kites emerged – a predominately wave kite – the TRX, and a predominantly free ride kite – the Argo.

2015 – Griffin Kites merged the TRX and the Argo into the Griffin AX and an amazing kite was born – suitable for waves and free ride.

2016 – Griffin Kites financial backer pulled out leaving the brand unable to expand.

2016 – Lee Brogden talked to Chris from Griffin and offered to work together to start Buzz Kites. A deal was struck using the AX design and the same proven factory as Griffin had been most recently using.

2017 – Buzz Kites products arrived and the business expanded rapidly around Australia and into other countries simply because the gear is that good.

To arrange a ride on our gear, simply contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the nearest team member.