A 23M

Antennae A 23M

Ever been on the wrong end of an out of control kite? Then you know how important it is to have something to perfectly control the kite's power. In moments when decisions must be made fast, complicated designs mean more things can go wrong. That's why we think that simplicity is best and so our bar is as simple as can be. Sure, it doesn't look particularly fancy like some other bars. Instead, it simply performs really well. It is solid, the grip is high quality and our 23M lines give the kite enough room to move around and generate significant power without putting you so far away from the kite that it's hard to feel what it's up to. The lines might feel slightly different to other brands but are really good quality with 430kg breaking strain. Replacement lines are inexpensive (i.e. well under $A100). A couple of cool features are that you can detach the lines at the bar end for quick and easy untangling of lines. Also, the front line v-bridle is low making it easy to reach for safe self landing. The de-power is easy to see, reach and can be instantly adjusted with the simple cleat system. The bar slides smoothly in and out without catching on the centre lines as some bars do. The safety release is easy to use, bullet proof and easy to reset. (It simply flags the kite down to one line so it loses all the power.) There is the flexibility to set up for "suicide riding" if you are into unhooked tricks. By the way, in case you are wondering, after considerable debate, we've elected not to have a PU cover because you can't see what requires attention and might snap when it's less than convenient. So, we traded off looks for safety! Everything is in view because we think safety is more important. If you think a PU line offers more benefits than safety, then let us know!

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Antennae Antennae