Foiling gear


Foiling gear 00002

For that light wind buzz, there's nothing like foiling. But getting started is tough! That's what we've found anyway. So we have got hold of simple system to help you learn quickly and safely. For a start, our foil is not a lot profile foil which makes it easier to balance on. Also, when you start our, you have a small mast so it's easier to balance, less distance to fall, and there's less sharp metal to damage you. Start in light winds in flat water and if you can ride a surf board, you will be up on the foil within minutes. (If you can't ride a surf board then take the foil off and lean on our board).
Once you have that nailed, then you can go to the medium sized foil. You will immediately notice that this is harder, but still doable. Next step is the full sized foil but you get to choose when you are ready to tackle that rather than have it put in front of you as your first step into foiling.
The board comes with fins and can be ridden by itself so if you like to mess around in waves, then you have this option to play on too. It's a great package.
You can also buy the foil separately fro $1200 if you already have a suitable board to mount it to.

AU$2400 In stock