Stinger Board (135/138/142/145 cm sizes)


Stinger Board (135/138/142/145 cm sizes) S135

A really cool board, with a relatively flat rocker, fuller at the tips. The carbon core makes it super light but feels really strong and solid under the feet. Feels great in flat water and chop. It goes upwind like it's on rails - even in lighter winds! The design attributes also make it really easy to pop upwind when jumping or doing tricks. The board is smooth and quiet in chop, not hammering your knees like some boards.
Construction is really good they still look new after constant use.
Choose your size based on your weight and ability. For newbie riders, a larger board gives more floatation and makes everything easier. Here's some suggestions for you: a 138 CM for 80-90 kg, 142 cm for a 90 - 100 kg and 145 for 100 kg+) As you progress, you might want to change down to a smaller size as it's a little more manoeuvrable, but in reality, a couple of cm doesn't make much difference to this. However, it makes a lot of difference to how easy it is to learn on.
Heavier riders and light wind riders will also benefit from the additional flotation offered larger boards.

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Stinger Board
Stinger Board (135/138/142/145 cm sizes) Stinger Board (135/138/142/145 cm sizes) Stinger Board (135/138/142/145 cm sizes)