In compliance with Australian Laws, we offer the following terms and conditions for your consideration:

Accuracy: All information provided by this site is as up to date and accurate as we can reasonably make it. However, you should double check any information that you consider to be vital to your decision making or personal well being.

Limitation of Liability: Kiting is a sport that involves risks. We will therefore take no responsibility whatsoever for any damages, injuries or other negatives events or consequences from your involvement with this sport or the use of any of our products and services. This includes injury or damages to third parties or any property.

Business Relationships: We are probably going to be delighted to serve you and do business with you. However, if we do not enjoy working with you, we reserve the right to cease doing business with you at our discretion. This includes Buzz kite team membership, buzz kite instructor status, buzz kite dealerships and other such relationships that can be terminated by us without notice at our discretion. We do not intend to do this, but should we find that our business is in any way jeopardized or undermined by our relationship with you, then we will terminate it.

Refunds: If you are not happy with something we send you, simply post it back if unopened and we will refund your money excluding postage. Other product specific refund policies are listed with the products.

Repairs: We do not repair the things we sell, but will supply you with a full range of spare parts and help you get things repaired by referring you to other people whenever we can.

Faulty products: Should you find that a product we supply is faulty, please give us a call immediately and we will help remedy it as quickly as we can.

Guarantee: We guarantee that kiting is fun.

Warranty: A one year warranty is provided on all materials and workmanship. If you find there is some problem through reasonable and careful use, then let us know, and we will do whatever is reasonable to remedy the situation and get you back out on the water. To access this warranty, you just simply send us your details, proof of purchase, and the unique identifying numbers on your equipment. (if they have them)

Shipping Options: We want to make sure you get what you want when you want it. At the same time, we don't want you to have to pay too much to get it there. If you want something fast, let us know and we'll charge you the extra (at cost) that we pay to get it there faster.

Payment terms: Full payment is to be made before we ship except with prior written agreement.

Cancellation policy: if you cancel an order for our standard items then that's OK. But if we are getting a custom item for you, then obviously we expect to recover our costs.

Warnings about stealing our content or copying our ideas: We probably won't like it, but there's not much we can do about it. It's your karma!

This terms and conditions are to be complied with in regard to the laws of NSW and Australia.