Check out what our happy riders have to say!

"Yesterday I had the pleasure of testing one of Lee's Buzz kites. We sat around at Lake Illawarra in the rain with about 4knots of wind. Very optimistically we pumped up his 12m Harmony under the shelter of an umbrella. Then there was a gap in the rain with the hope of the wind increasing we chucked it in water for a drift launch. Then out of nowhere 15knots of very patchy south westerly struck the lake. Up the kite went. I strapped on his Stinger board and headed off. Within 100m I felt I knew this kite as it felt so predictable. So hard on the edge, I went sent the kite to 12 o'clock and boom up I went. Next, I wanted to know how it would drift so downwind I turned and let the bar go and travelled about 30m with slack lines, back on the edge, bar in and the Harmony was powered up. In such a patchy breeze I managed with very little effort to hit 40kph on my Rip Curl GPS watch. I headed in and out a few more times boosting and power jumping just to see what this kite could do. Then just before the rain hit, I started throwing up darkslides which for me is a trick I'm hesitant to do as I've been slammed too many times. But I just felt so comfortable with the Harmony that I could step out of my comfort zone. We used the advanced bridle and it turned quick. It kite looped and downward looped with ease. Then the rain hit and we had to pack up. Having done a lot of kite repairs for customers and myself in the past I was very pleased to see the quality of the construction on this kite, lots of dacron on the wing tips and trailing edge. Even the stitching on the center canopy was done in a way that it would prevent large rips in the surf or nuclear conditions. Overall I was very pleased with the Harmony and can not wait to stock them in my store. Thank you for bringing your product to Wollongong." 

"I was super impressed with the kite, there was no flutter, the power was smooth, the de-power didn't affect the performance when squalls came through and I was able to progress my riding leaps and bounds during the week. Down-looping was smooth, the kites drift capabilities were apparent on our long down winders and relaunch was easy. The harness was really comfortable and far lighter than my previous harness."

"Kite surfing is expensive however Buzz Kites seeks to provide good quality gear without the markup."

"Imagine owning a car with two high-quality engines that you could swap over with ease: one for someone to learn to drive in, and one for the race track. The Buzz Harmony is like this car. It’s a kite that will handle flat water, beach wave riding, big jumps, wake style tricks and learners requirements because of one simple reason – it comes with two sets of bridles."

"The bar pressure is is light enough to give you a feel for what the kite is doing and light enough to allow you to kite all day."

"The Harmony depowers well so you can feel safe and confident to use it a wide range of wind conditions."

"Changing the bridles is simple and we provide you with simple instructions. Once in "pro" mode and the turning speed of the kite is a lot quicker without being twitchy. Now your kite flying skills can be expanded because the kite turns quick and pivotal (around itself) making kites loops something to add to your arsenal of moves. It’s not "twitchy”, but stable."

"Pro mode reduces the power and you can shut out the power of the kite by sheeting out."

"In pro mode, the kite flies more forward in the window and so goes also a little better upwind. The bar pressure is a little lighter." 

"In waves, the kite floats nicely when you ride down the line towards it and then responds quickly when you want to repower and carve away."

"In both bridle modes you will get good pop with good release. Jumping is easy and you will get good float with soft landings. In standard mode, the kite is very forgiving. Pro mode needs more attention but it remains stable."

"The one pump system has a single big valve for easy pumping. Each strut has a shut off valve." 

"Construction includes a light frame with leading edge reinforcements in critical areas to avoid tears. Minimal dacron at the trailing edge makes for a light weight kite that will fly in marginal conditions." 

"Tested 9m at waves at Manawa, quite happy with that. It is a very stable kite. Put that on light set up for the moment. Will try the hard one next time for jumping. Also tried 7m for few minutes - it is extremely easy to relaunch kite, fastest I ever tried."