Christian – Head Designer

Some say Chris doesn’t just design heads but he builds them as well.
All we know is he designs awesome kites! Chris loves to kite at the top level in the surf and on a twin tip and as he only rides his own designs, he wants to make sure they are the best! So Chis works tirelessly to refine his kite designs. It’s taken many years, but it’s all finally come together.

His very latest kites, the Buzz kites, are a work of art as you will experience when you ride them.

Cornè – W.A Distributor

Some say he used to wrestle with full grown lions and now that he’s older he’s semi-retired and moved on to tiger cubs. Some say he’s used the word “maaate” in every sentence in an attempt to disguise his South African accent. Some say he’s so addicted to kiting that he sold a kidney to fund his most recent kite trip. Some say his jokes are the Cornèist you will ever hear.
All we know is that he’s somehow managed to sneak into Australia and make the country a nicer place. Cornè is the type of guy who is very polite,

Tom – Head Instructor

Some say Tommygun got his nick name when he killed two birds with one stone. Some say he found a way to have his cake and eat it too. All we know is he has been involved in this from the start and is one of Australia’s top riders.
Tom is passionate about helping people learn to kite in the best way possible. As an IKO instructor, Tom will be leading the development of the Buzz Kites teaching methods to make sure it is as safe, effective, efficient and fun as possible.

He teaches people around the Central coast of NSW.

The Czech – Product testing, research and development

Some say, he has a 1000 year old rain forest growing in his armpits. Some say he’s got angel wings cleverly concealed under his wetsuit. Some say he needs his pilot’s license when kiting. All we know is he’s called the Czech.Few people can consistently pull off 10M plus jumps one after the other, but the Czech is always up there somewhere. If you have not seen him on the water, it’s simply because he hasn’t landed yet.

Andy – W.A Ambassador

Some say his real name is Jason Stratham. Some say his pommy accent is a put on to charm the girls. Some say he bought a Jeep. All we know is that his main claim to fame is that he lives across the road from “The Pond”.

His passion for kiting and energy to help others get involved is contagious so if you don’t want to catch the fever, make sure you get the no-kite vaccine before you go

Eve – Perth Buzz Instructor

Some say French Canada export only their best quality women.
Some say Eve has only two speeds – flat out and stop.

Some say Eve’s accent is almost impossible to comprehend and even if you do, she still makes no sense.

All we know is that she is fun to have around, can kite like a genius and after six years of kite instructing experience, she loves to kite on Buzz kite gear!

Jon – Buzz Kite School (Perth)

Some say he couldn’t decide between being a rock star and a kite school owner.

Some say he has a desire to stroke small rodents. Some say when he goes for a walk, it’s at least 50km long. Some say he’s equally at home on a  snow board, surfboard, wakeboard or kite board.
​All we know is he’s a great teacher and he’s ready to get you started in kiting or take you to the next level.

Lee – Chief Bottle Washer

Some say his lack of kiting skills is matched only by his lack of natural talent. Some say that his life long dream is to do a back roll. Some say he’s been using the wind to go places for free since he was 8.
​All we know is that he had enough kiting passion to get this business started and help  a whole lot of people get into some great kiting gear.

Justin – Melbourne Ambassador

Some say he’s loves to travel as much as he loves kittens.

Some say whenever he turns up at the beach with a surfboard the waves look forward to being shredded. Some say he can fly a drone better than he can fly a spaceship.

All we know is that he’s a top bloke and an awesome kiter ready to help you get familiar with the Buzz gear by helping you out with a test ride.

Brock – Sunshine Coast Distributor

Some say he can eat a whole 10KG watermelon in a single sitting and then polish off a bunch of kale for desert. Some say that he’s so cool that even ice baths are afraid of him. Some say he used to call Lee “Dad” until he became a Dad himself and realized that Lee had never changed his nappies.

All we know is that he’s one of the coolest dudes you’ll ever meet with a true caring/sharing attitude and the desire and ability to help others be their best.

Anton – South Africa Distributor

Anton, a.k.a. ‘The Sting’ not only rides the gear, but is also the official distributor for Buzz Kites in South Africa. Some say he has been stung by a 1000 bees, but is so thick skinned he will only show any swelling in 2075. Others say the secret to his eternal youthful looks is none other than Beetox, but others think it is merely that time stood still when he was missing inside the barrel of a 20 foot wave for longer than anyone thought possible. All we know, is that he loves riding waves on a kite board and the bigger the waves and the stronger the wind, the better.

Thomas – South Africa Ambassador

Some say he couldn’t spell ‘bored’ and from an early age insisted it had to be ‘board’. Legend has it he convinced Pac-Man to get off the pills and that he is on a first name basis with every single video game character in existence. Some say he single-handedly set up the internet one weekend 20 years ago and the retinas of his eyes are actually square to match his PC screen. All we know, is that he would much rather be outdoors kiting and that his kite is barely bigger than his friendly smile.

Ben – Product Testing and Refinement

Some say Ben is shrinking. Others say you wouldn’t want to get into a cage fight with him. All we know is that he’s over 90KGs and kites in the meanest waves. He’s been trying to break the Griffin kite gear and now the Buzz gear since Adam was a boy. If he ever succeeds, we make sure it won’t happen again.
He’s also a lovely guy with a huge smile, a gentle laugh and a willingness to help, and some cunning product development ideas that makes him a  perfect fit for the Buzz team.