One of the most wonderful things about kiting is there is always another clearly defined next level to strive for. This page gives you the information you need to start learning the next step in your kite surfing journey. Remember, to avoid injury or death for yourself and others it is still critical to get introductory lessons with an instructor. This will also save you many hours of wasted time and make the whole journey more fun. Credits to KiteSurf Co. and others for producing this helpful series that will supplement what your instructor will teach you.

10 Common Mistakes All Kiteboarders Should Avoid

There are many things to learn when kiting and here are just a few things that can go wrong and how to avoid them.

Kite surf Trainer Tutorial

Even the top kiters will play around on training kites because they know that goo kite surfing is all about good kite flying. Starting here and nailing this may seem to take you away from the fun of kite surfing, and yet it will save hours of frustration and ultimately make you a better kiter. This tutorial covers set-up, launching, flying drills, safety systems and the concept of the wind window.

Introduction to Kite Surf Safety Systems

This video is exclusively to support people taking kitesurf lessons. It will help you visualise how each safety step works, so that you know what to expect and are aware if anything has malfunctioned - but you must still practice these multiple times with your instructor.

Kite Surf Self Rescue

Talk to anyone who's kited for a few years and they will tell you a story about the day they had to self-rescue. Often it was early on in their kiting career too. The day to learn this information is the day you first come across it. Here are the basic principles of the self-rescue to support that you should be taught in your lessons. 

How to Kitesurf: Water Re-Launch (Basics)

Unlike many kites, Buzz kites are very easy to water relaunch. This video revises the basic water re-launch. It covers re-launching when the kite is on its corner, when the kite is leading edge down, when the kite is trailing edge down and some tips for light wind.

Kite Surfing Lesson:  How to water start

Nailing this is such a big step in the journey, and the funny thing is that once you dial it in, it's so easy to do that you look back and wonder why you ever found it so tricky! It's simply about getting 5 things all correct at the same time. 
1. The amount of power you access by the bar position. 
2. The timing. 
3. The body position. 
4. The board directional maneuvers. 
5. The kite flying. 

How to Kitesurf Upwind

This Kiteboarding tutorial looks at how to ride upwind. It shows the body position, as well as the speed and kite control required to ride upwind well.

How to Kite Surf: Transitions (Turns)

This video guides you through the kite surf transition - changing direction without sinking. once you dial this in, you are suddenly spending more time on top of the water, and in some sessions, you won't even get your hair wet!

How to Kite Board:  Toeside (Quick Tips)

This video explains how to switch your stance to toeside. It guides you through how to position your body so that you can slide the board smoothly to toeside. once you've done this, you are now able to show off - well, just a little bit!

Kite Surf: How to jump

Did you get into kiting because you saw someone jump? If you did, it's now your turn! This kiteboarding / kitesurfing video aims to give you the safest way to learn to jump. Showing you first how to do small jumps, that build your kite skills. It's not that hard to do, so take it step by step and be ready for some of the best fun you can have with your clothes on!

How to Kite Surf: Jump Transition

Time to take it to the next level once more. This kiteboard tutorial explains how to do a jump transition. This is where you change direction with a jump.

How to Kitesurf: Back Roll

If you are looking for a new view on life, then a backroll will give you that!  It's not that hard to do, and the key to the trick is to have plenty of room around you because a few kite crashes will occur until you learn to orientate yourself as you turn.

How to Kitesurf: Front Roll

Backrolls aren't too hard, but front rolls step it up another level.

How to Kite Surf: Darkslide

if you want to look like you are really cool, and unlock the door to a whole new range of tricks, then mastering a kitesurfing darkslide is next on your list of tricks.

Raley Tutorial

Gives an overview of the technique, then looks at how to edge/pop enough, how to control speed while unhooked, how to keep your kite in position, what to practice beforehand, and what to aim for as you become confident with raleys.

Kitesurf / Kiteboard Hand Drag Tutorial 

This trick is known as a hand drag or hand plant. Most people call the rotation a back roll. Some call it a 360 or other names like "freaking awesome".

How to kitesurf: 313 handle pass 

A few tips for people working on the 313. (And no, we don't know why it's called a 313...)

Down Loop Transition - Kite Surf Co Tutorial

This kiteboarding tutorial explains the down-loop transition technique. It looks at kite control and board position in detail. Try this in light winds first and realise that it's not too scary as long as you fully commit, point your board downwind, and you have a fast turning kite - like a buzz kite with the advanced bridle on it!

Learning to ride unhooked

...or should that be unhinged?!?

5 tricks for beginners